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Gourmet Salmon Cat Treat

When you really want to pamper that special feline in your life, why not offer a healthy gourmet treat? You may have to experiment to find out exactly which flavor your cat prefers, but salmon is a popular choice with many cats. This Salmon fillet treat by Cats Go Crazee is a great way to introduce the flavor of wild Alaskan salmon into your cat’s diet:

This natural cat treat contains 100% fully cooked wild Alaskan salmon fillet. Rich in nutrients, including natural Omega fish oil, it comes sealed and ready to use. Order a pouch from Amazon and let your cat go crazee over healthy salmon!

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Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat Food

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat Food is one of the most popular natural food brands available on Amazon.com and for good reason too. They specialize in high-quality cat food, ultra premium, made from human grade chicken and duck meat. Fresh quality ingredients and high-grade nutritional additives such as omega-3 and omega-6, taurine, lecithin, linoleic acid, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, biotin and more, are all in there to ensure the best nutrition for your cat. That means a healthier cat and less litter box odor…

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