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Zen Cat Hideaway

Many cats like their sleeping spots to be private and secluded, so this pet hideaway can hugely appeal to your feline. What’s better than a snug little place all her own? The Zen Cat Hideaway is all of that and more!

This enclosed sleeping area is unique in retaining owners in mind too, or rather their homes. It looks nothing like a pet bed and its stylish sleek oval design makes it into a purrfect home decor element. It comes in four beautiful shades of mint green (as seen in this picture), red, black or pure white to fit your decorating color scheme. Both colors and shape lend themselves best to a modern decorating style, but can work out well in any eclectic room too. How nice that you can combine a hideaway for your cat with such a sophisticaed decor element! Click on the product page here and you can see how other customers have used it in their room decor.

It can be used outdoors too, but the makers suggest keeping it under a roof to avoid water leaking in. Another optional use is for hiding the litterbox – just make sure you remember to clean it when out of sight!

The internal space retains a secure snug feeling for your cat, while offering plenty of ventilation. Your cat can peep through the walls while feeling well-protected in its little “cave”. There is some light coming in from the glass top above, but the glass is clouded to keep your cat feeling private.

Click and order one today – all you have to decide on is the color!

Keep Cool in Summer with the Coolaroo Pet Bed

Most pet beds are designed to convey a sense of warmth. They look like all you want to do is get yourself to cat size and snuggle inside that fluffy, soft cave. Hopefully, they’d make your pet feel the same way. Of course, that’s the desired effect during cold winter days and nights, but what about hot summer days?

What about those days when you and your cat seek out the coolest spots in your home? Well, this bed can at least help the cat:

This beautifully simple bed, The Coolaroo Pet Bed, is made of unique knitted fabric that maintains its appealing coolness even on hot days, unaffected by temperature extremes around it. It is durable enough for outdoor use, so can be great for your cat enclosure outside, keeping a fresh look with its built-in resistance to sun radiation as well as mold and mildew. The fabric is easy to wash, even hose if necessary and the entire bed is sturdy enough to be used by a medium-sized dog even, so expect to be using this one for years to come.

Click here to read more about the Coolaroo bed and get it delivered to your doorstep from Amazon

Premier Come with me Kitty Harness

Walking outdoors with a harness and leash may seem like a good idea. After all, this is a safe way to provide a cat with a supervised experience of the great outdoors, with its myriad of sounds, smells and sights.

Indeed with some cats it is just that. As long as you keep in mind that not every cat can be leash trained, and not all cats enjoy the exposure to the outdoors, having lived their entire life in a sheltered environment.

You can read more about how to leash and harness train your cat here. If you need a harness, why not try this Come with Me Kitty Harness & Leash? This manufacturer guarantees a safe way to control your cat’s movement: “Slight pressure on the bungee leash gently tightens the harness along the shoulders so that forward motion becomes safely restrained without putting pressure on the delicate throat area.”

Read more about cat harnesses and how to use them in the complete cat leash and harness guide or Click for more details and price of the Come with Me Kitty Harness & Leash

Petmate Double Door Deluxe

A great solution for when you need to quickly and effectively put a cat into its carrier: a top-loading door. It’s much easier to get a reluctant cat into its carrier through this large door that takes it right into the wider dimension of the carrier. For ease of exit, you have the regular front door as well.

This is a fine, no-nonsense, airline approved carrier (always best to check with your airline carrier before the flight!). Sturdy, spacious and well aired, made of durable and easy-to-clean plastic, it will be just as great for short distance traveling in your car. For longer journeys in unfamiliar suroundings, you may want to lay a piece of cloth, preferably with the familiar scents of home, over the top of the carrier, to block the top door and create a more secure environment.

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Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad

While many pet cats are indoors exclusive, there are those cats that spend days, and sometimes nights as well, outdoors. These are often feral or semi-feral cats that cannot adjust well to living indoor-only. Of course, some cats are lucky enough to spend time outdoors, protected in a large enclosure, or even in a backyard of some size, with a cat-proof fence.

Whatever the reason, if you want to pamper a cat in your life and make sure they have a warm spot to spend the cold winter days and nights on, this could be a great solution:

Sized approximately 12.5″ by 18.5″, this rugged plastic pad comes with a built-in internal thermostat and will provide constant warmth (102 degrees) in any weather. It does have to be plugged-in, taking up about 40 watts, so this can work well in your shed, barn, garage or cat enclosure.

Free fleece cover included, according to Amazon, but you can always just cover it up with your own favorite blanket. A perfect spot for your outdoors kitty to sleep in comfort and dream of feline glory days in warm ancient Egypt!

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