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Feline Toothpaste? I’ll have the Beef Flavor please!

I believe I have blogged here in the past about the great dental products by CET, but it’s always a good idea to give them another periodical mention. This pet dentifrice comes in five different flavors, so even the more finicky eaters among felines are likely to find something they’d agree to have in their delicate mouth. Above all, it’s effective and is the best way to provide your pet (canine or feline) with a good oral hygiene routine.

This product is available at a great price at Amazon right now – under $4 which is less than half the regular price – so it’s a great time to stock up on some feline toothpaste!

Click here to read more about this product and order online

CET Chews for Cats

If you’re like me, you can appreciate the joys of chewing a fresh piece of spearmint gum after a meal. When a toothbrush is not available, these chewing experiences can be just as refreshing. They’re good for your teeth too.

Well, your cat can enjoy the benefits of a similar  treatment too. It didn’t take the makers of this product, CET, a lot of research to figure out spearmint will not be the flavor of choice either 😉 So, fish flavor it is, but just as soft and chewy, releasing plaque-fighting enzymes for a thorough treatment that prevents the buildup of bacteria on your cat’s teeth.

CET suggests that you use this product on a daily basis, as part of routine home dental care for felines, or when your regular cat toothbrush is not available. For your cat though, this can be just a fun daily fish-flavored treat – the fresh breath and good strong teeth are just a side benefit!

You can read more about this innovative product, its contents and uses on the product page here – this is also where you can order this product at a great price from Amazon.

Bamboo QuadBrush Ultimate Cat Toothbrush

As a Mom to both felines and humans, let me tell you, this is one of those brilliant inventions that everyone needs to have. Looks simple enough, doesn’t it? one of those things that make you wonder why it’s taken so long for the world to come up with:

When you brush the teeth of a reluctant cat (or kid!), you want it to be efficient and fast. This special pet toothbrush allows you to clean a row of teeth, on all sides, in just one motion, saving on brushing time, without compromising on the results.

This Quadbrush is a wonder of design, from handle to safety bristles, and the matching cover to keep it clean between brushing. For dogs, cats, or any pet – this one is a Must.

Read more on this smart pet toothbrush, and order your own for under $6 and super fast free shipping (for members). Or read more here about cat teeth and how to care for them.