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Delightful Cat Treat Jar

Still in the mood for pretty gifts for cat lovers, I found this absolutely lovely glass jar:

This delightful jar can make an absolutely wonderful unique gift for any cat lover. It’s the kind of collector’s item that lasts forever, both practical and beautiful.

Top quality octagonal glass jar with a polished aluminum top that comes with a rubber gasket for a tight seal. The top has a beautifully carved cat, playfully looking at a dangling fish.

The makers of this jar, Arthur court designs, recommend this jar for cat treats storage. It does make sense, although this pretty vessel can be used for pretty much anything. In fact, you can give fill it up, either with cat treats or simply chocolate or candy and then gift it to someone special.

This jar is not cheap, currently priced at $65 at Amazon, but it truly is an upscale gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone with an eye for feline-themed collector’s items. I should also mention that a portion of the sales goes towards funding Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation.

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Flensted Feline Cats Mobile

When I first laid eyes on the title of this post, I was wondering what kind of a phone they were talking about…

Yet this wonderful mobile has nothing electronic about it. It brings back the original meaning of the word mobile, and in the 21st century, I find that refreshing.

Yes, we’re talking about a home decor item, where sleek dark feline shadows dance in delicate circles along three colorful balls. This one is an original Flensted mobile, a collector’s item, handmade in Denmark by a company that’s been making mobiles for over fifty years.

Carefully balanced, this work of art is designed to be constantly moving, drawing the eye to its elegant cats and adding an element of streaming motion in the room. It’s distinctly NOT a baby’s mobile, perfect for a grown-up room decor where you want to bring forward your love for everything feline. What a great gift idea, original and all cat!

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Cowboy Premium Pet Bed a la Montana

I have seen cats dressed up in Western style costumes, but no matter what, no feline can pass for a convincing hard working cowboy 😉 Well, they can dream in Western style though, napping on this lovely warm luxurious made-in-Montana pet bed.

I strongly believe that when shopping for cat beds, or cat furniture in general, you should consider home decor as well. These they can be actual focal points in your design, being fairly large and often with bright colors or patterns. With its rugged faux suede fabric and wild-looking cow print, this bed actually makes a cool decorative item for your home.

It certainly is large enough, at 50in x 32in x 7in, it can easily accommodate more than one cat for those winter times multi-snuggles. It’s also practical, as you can take off the cover for a quick cycle in the washer and dryer every once in a while. Actually, the entire bed is machine washable, but it’ll probably be faster to wash just the cover. The insides are made of something called IntelliLoft Poly Fill, and what you need to know about it, other than it being machine washable, is that it is earth-friendly and 100% recycled. Overall, a great choice of a cat bed in a unique style.

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How to Win a Collector’s Heart with a Cat

Well, yes, if said collector is also a cat lover, it can be easy enough, with more than one option. The one this post is about definitely is a winner:

A real Lenox fine china vase, beautifully detailed and trimmed with 24-carat gold. More importantly, it features a sweet little ivory cat, holding up the case as if it were a ball of yarn. The design is delicate yet whimsical, measuring 6.5 inches in height and 5 inches in base width.

Not only is the vase decorated with bas-relief flowers, but it also comes with the faux silk bouquet. It is beautiful, a work of art, and a classic by Lenox, making it a unique item for any china collector, or, even better, a collector of feline-themed decor items.

I know it looks expensive, but check out the price and details on Amazon – the affordability really struck me with this one. Who would have thought this lovely item will be available at under $30?? Hurry up though, the price is right for the day of posting, and they only have four of these vases left. Great gift for the Holidays!

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Purr-fectly Spoiled Cat Gift Basket

Have you ever been invited to a feline birthday party? Many of us celebrate birthdays and special occasions for and with our furbabies, and often invite like-minded guests. If you’re a cat-auntie looking for a great gift, you may want to consider a gift basket. It’s not very expensive and it is so special, adding to the festivities with its fancy gift basket setup.

It’s not just pretty either. This gift basket is full to the brim with cat goodies! It has so much cool and tasty stuff in it, it can be a good gift for an entire clan of cats sharing a home together, or a gift to a single cat that will last for weeks. The large container with the paw pattern printed on it comes packed with eight different kinds of top quality cat treats, as well as several cat toys – something for every cat’s taste.

Add your personalized message to this gift basket and have Amazon send it to your favorite cat. A great gift for a birthday, homecoming, new adoption, or for any other occasion in a cat’s nine lives!

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White Diamond Cat Ring

Today’s reviewed item is definitely not for everyone. It’s not often that one comes across an item that is so grand, so beautiful, and so expensive, and dedicated solely to cat lovers:

This 18K rose gold and white diamond is absolutely stunning. A miniature cat sculpted in gold and embedded with chocolate diamonds as well as five round white diamonds, with a dazzling pair of green garnets in bezel settings for the eyes.

This ring is absolutely mesmerizing and will get cat lovers to gaze at it for hours, and purr in delight. A perfect special gift for your special loved one.

Click for more details and price – this item is often out of stock, but you may want to search their other items as they often have other interesting designs.