The Latest Scoop Is Out (And It’s Made Of Stainless Steel)

Let’s talk about scooping.

Everyone who’s ever cleaned a litterbox, sifting through the litter for all those little (and big) “treasures” knows how important a good litter scoop is.

Finding a scoop with the right spacing between the slots isn’t difficult. It’s a pretty standard measure and a little variety doesn’t make much of a difference. After all, you are sifting fairly large pieces out of relatively small grains of litter. There is one element that does matter, and that’s size.

In theory, the larger the scoop, the better. However, large plastic scoops, especially the cheaper, thinner, ones, tend to bend under the pressure. The larger the scoop, the more litter it has to work against, getting stuck and making you pull out the scoop before anything has been filtered out. And good luck with not getting dirty litter splashed all around.

steel-scoopIn order to be effective, a large scoop has to be strong. Very strong. Which is why this large stainless steel scoop is so awesome! You can’t get a scoop to be much stronger, now can you?

Not only is this heavy-duty beauty made of steel, it’s actually welded rather than screwed together. Talk about strength and durability!

It’s pretty obvious this was designed by someone who¬†knows his way around the litterbox. Features such as high-beveled sides and holes all around them (in addition to the traditional slots) make each stroke¬†exceptionally effective.

Did I mention it was large? You need fewer of those strokes with a scoop that’s a whole of five inches wide! Remember, it won’t fold or bend under the pressure either because it’s made of welded-steel.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this scoop also manages to address the other bane of plastic scoops: scratches. Scratches on plastic are more than just unsightly. They are unhygienic. You can (and should) was the scoop after each use but there will still be invisible microbes hiding there within the scratches. If you’re like most cat owners, you’ll get disgusted enough after a while to throw out the old worn-out plastic utensil and buy a new one. Well, with this stainless steel scoop, you can really clean it between uses. It doesn’t scratch and it’s durable enough to last for years.

Don’t be deterred by the price. It is not a cheap piece of plastic and it costs more. It’s worth it though, saving you time as you can scoop more efficiently, keeping your home cleaner, and eventually, saving you money as well as you no longer have to buy a new one every few months.

Wonder how much it costs? Check out the latest price and specials on Amazon and order yours today.

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