The Prettiest Black Cat Glass Pendant Necklace

Looking for a unique gift for a cat lover? Or for yourself (after all, you are a cat lover!)?

Consider this beautiful stylish pendant which comes with its own 22 inches long chain making this into an actual necklace. It’s handpainted and then sealed with jewelry resin to create the look of a glass dome. What’s important is that within there’s a sweet little black kitty, peeking ¬†out with a curious look on its tiny precious face. Check it out on Amazon.

Black Cat Glass Pendant

Talk about an attention grabber. Who can resist these round blue eyes? Wear this pendant only if you don’t mind people staring at the direction of your cleavage.

I love the overall design, the fact that it’s only showing half of the kitten’s face and the background has that old paper look to it. Add the color of the kitten and you’re getting a look that’s a lot more than “cute”. It’s perfect match for a gothic look but can also be worn to provide some contrast to a more cheerful outlook. After all, it is a kitten!

The reviewers on Amazon really loved this piece. They all say this pendant never fails to get noticed and generate some conversation. An awesome way to state your love for cats and in particular black cats whose mystique and cultural associations sometimes make them last in line for adoptions in shelters. Be a force for a positive change for these kitties and wear this piece of jewelry with pride or get it for a fellow black-cat-afficiando.

Read the reviews and order your own on Amazon


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