Cat activity mat

The Ripple Rug® – Cat Activity Play Mat

A rug is always attractive for cats. Nice to step onto and to claw at, it is one item of home decor you may not like having Kitty show too much interest in.

Unless it’s The Ripple Rug. These people came up with the ingenious idea to create a rug just for cats. They created a product which is the perfect outlet for the famous feline curiosity, encouraging cats of all ages to explore and play, all the while getting some well-needed physical and mental exercise.

Cat activity mat

The idea is simple – shape a set of caves and tunnels using a rug. It’s a wonderland for kitties! Just place toys and treats inside and watch your cat explore. The great thing about this activity mat is its size. It’s large enough for a cat to crawl through and really spend time engaging with the tunnels and holes. It’s large enough for Kitty to fall asleep inside of. Which would be just fine as this the thermally-insulated bottom will keep her snug and warm. This rug was created with all sorts of pets in mind, including pet rats and rabbits, so it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic and safe enough for a pet to chew on. Certainly safe enough for kitties. I like the neutral color, not only because it’s easy to match with any room decor but also because it reflects the fact that this is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles with no coloring added. Safe and eco-friendly too!

The manufacturer certainly has safety in mind. The rug was tested on cats and there are release points in place for easy separation of the top part from the bottom, just in case Kitty needs your help. Most cats won’t though, as the holes are large enough. Still, it’s always nice to have a way for the owner to get the cat right way should the need arise, and it’s nice to see a manufacturer that has safety as their main concern. No wonder The Ripple Rug gets such great reviews on Amazon!

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