The Wall Kat Clock

With the New Year upon us, you are probably full of thoughts about new year resolutions. Well, to make any of them happen, time management is imperative – and what better way to keep track of the time with a cat wall clock?



Yes, it’s the famous Wall Kat Clock. You either love it or hate it, and apparently most people choose the former, as this retro piece of time-telling gadgetry has been a top-seller for years on end, literally. It’s so retro, it reminds me more of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, than a cat. Ooops, did I just mention the M word?

It definitely is an eye-catcher, even more so in real life than in this picture which is lacking this clock’s most prominent feature: movement. Imagine this one constantly moving its tail and eyes, and you can easily see why it has a presence that you simply cannot ignore. This one is bound to remind you of the time at any given moment.

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