Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

One of the many things we have to supply our feline companions with is suitable places at which they’re allowed and even encourage to practice surface scratching. If you fail to provide your cat with enough scratching spots, she will find some on her own, and it could very well be your favorite leather couch…

Finding the right scratching posts for your cat is the key for teaching her or him to stay away from your furniture. And when we talk about places where Kitty is allowed to scratch the rule is simple: the more, the better.

This is why the Turbo Scratcher is such a brilliant idea. Yes, it’s a cat toy, engaging your cat in well needed stimulation, but at the same time, your cat will naturally be encouraged to scratch the round rough circle in the middle. Stress-free and fun training for scratching the right place – what could be better? And you can get replacements for the corrugated cardboard in the center, as it gets worn down by constant use.

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