World’s Best Cat Litter

I always thought this was a nifty name for cat litter. Just the kind of thing someone might be typing in as a query in an Internet search engine: what’s the world’s best cat litter?

Well, this company grabbed it as their brand name too. And it’s quite a name that means they have to work hard to prove their claim.

Cat litters are made from such a variety of substances any more, it’s not surprising to find that this one is made from whole kernel corn. Apparently, the corn isĀ  100% natural made entirely of plant material. It not only clumps well and is easy to scoop, but it’s also flushable, which means you don’t even have to pack carry smelly nylon bags outside anymore. Talking about smell, this litter has impressive odor control qualities with no added chemicals or scents. According to the manufacturer, this light-weight litter is easy to use and great for automatic litter boxes too. It’s safe too, which is a concern with other types of litter, and being long lasting and scoopable, it’s cost-effective as well. What else can you ask for? Maybe it is the world’s best cat litter after all?

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