Your cat is in for a treat: Temptations MixUps

It may surprise some cat owners but the truth is not all cats like cat treats. Some cats tend to stick to one type of food and no other delicacy will get them to change their mind. That may sound like a good thing but it’s not. Nutritional variety is as important to our cats as it is to us. Sure, treats can rarely be considered to be health food but the very fact that your cat has more than one food source is actually a good idea. If your cat refuses to try foods other than one specific kind, it’s ok to try and tempt her by trying various kinds of treats, homemade or store-bought. These oceanic treats by Temptations are a good kind to try simply because they taste so good to cats.

temptations ocean treatsThey are crunchy on the outside yet have a soft yummy center. This line is called Surfer’s Delight and it’s all about the flavors of the ocean: tuna, shrimp, and salmon! The good thing about it is that it’s calorie-controlled. At only 2 calories a piece, you can allow Kitty a few treats a day.

Word of caution, that’s true for all cat treats: Don’t give too many treats. Even for a healthy adult cat, with no weight issues, you should not allow the total amount of treats in its diet exceed 10% of the total food intake. In fact, sticking to 5% is much safer. As delicious as these treats are, they contain a lot of highly-processed ingredients such as cornmeal, rice and yeast and are not a good base for wholesome nutrition.

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Which brings me back to these Temptations Mixups treats. One of the things I like best about it is this awesome container! You can easily seal it back after each use which means the treats stay fresh and crispy! That way you can limit consumption to 2-3 pieces a day and can offer fresh crunchy treats for weeks on end!

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